Should You Have That Drink During Work Hours?

Many people struggle with this dilemma daily. It could be as simple has having wine at a work lunch with colleagues or entertaining clients. A person would conclude that there is no harm in having one or two glasses to be social. But what are the company rules if any regarding the consumption of alcohol … Continue reading Should You Have That Drink During Work Hours?


Do Your Current Employees Make the Cut for a New Opening or Promotion?

Oftentimes when employers have a new opening in their company, they resort to looking outside of the organization for great talent. But what about the great talent that is already within your organization? Do they deserve a second look? Hiring within an organization has its benefits. First and foremost, you save on the cost of … Continue reading Do Your Current Employees Make the Cut for a New Opening or Promotion?

Are You a Good Leader?

Everyone is not born a leader. To some it comes naturally, some may take leadership courses, and some just fail. Being a leader is not just a title of implied power, it requires that the person be an effective leader that people look up to and want to follow. A leadership style is a person’s style of … Continue reading Are You a Good Leader?

The Importance of Employee Reviews

Having employees assumes the daunting task of employee reviews. Some employers dread giving their employees reviews. But employee reviews are not entirely a bad thing. It’s a time to assess performance goals, address problems, and set your employees up for success in the future. Giving employees quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews can benefit not only … Continue reading The Importance of Employee Reviews

How to Cope with Jealousy in the Workplace

Jealousy in the workplace is all too common. Receiving acknowledgements or promotions in the workplace is a joyous occasion, there are others in the workplace that may not take to kindly to the advancement of others. The green eyed monster can rear its ugly head in the form of office gossip, rude or unwarranted negative … Continue reading How to Cope with Jealousy in the Workplace

Considering Doing Business Internationally?

Companies that plan to operate a business in another country must be familiar with the business laws of that country. The company should have their contracts reviewed by their attorney or legal department as well as the attorney or legal department for the country where they plan to do business. Contracts can fall through at the last … Continue reading Considering Doing Business Internationally?