Helpful Interview Processes and Questions to Ask a Potential Employee

Making the decision to enhance your organization by adding a new employee can be an exciting and difficult task. Every organization wants to ensure that they hire the right candidate. There are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of a bad hire. Taking a few different steps can determine whether or not a candidate would be a good fit within your organization. Below is a list of things that can be considered during the hiring process.

Candidate Selection:

Choosing a candidate that fits the culture of your organization should be a key factor. You want to ensure that the candidate that you are considering hiring has the necessary skills that will add value to your company. Their education and experience should be the main factors. Make sure that they indeed do possess the experience that is required. It would not be too invasive to ask the candidate to give detailed explanations of their skills and to provide examples of times where they have had to utilize their skills.

Interview Questions:

There are questions that you should ask the candiate during the interview that will give you a better perspective of their skills and talents. It also would not be a bad idea to request writing samples for positions that require a lot of writing. You should ask them about their past work history. A potential employee that bad mouths their former employer should be a red flag. This shows that the employee may have not left their prior company on good terms, and it also shows a potential lack of professionalism. You should ask them how they get along with their co-workers and others involved in the company. Steer clear of candidates that tell you about all of the drama at their last company. Chances are they are the ones that caused all of the drama.

Reference Checking:

After you have interviewed a candidate and are considering extending them an offer of employment, it is a must that you check their references. Ask the candidate for three professional references of people who can vouch for their work habits and history. Avoid candidates that give you names and numbers of friends and family. This may be an indicator that they do not have good work ethic and a previous employer would not give them a good reference. While checking the references, be sure to ask the person giving the reference specific questions.

  • You should ask questions that determine when and where the reference worked with the candidate. This should match the place and dates that the candidate gave you. Be cautious of places and dates that do not add up.
  • Ask the reference about the daily tasks of the candidate. They should be able to give you a detailed description of the tasks that the candidate performed at their previous job. This will confirm whether or not the candidate has the skills that your organization requires.
  • It will also be a good idea to ask the person giving the reference whether or not they would re-hire this person to work for them again. If the person giving the reference is hesitant or says no, that is a sign that the candidate had work issues at their last place of employment.

Implementing these tips into your hiring process could help you make a better choice in choosing the right candidate. You should also be aware of questions that are illegal to ask during an interview. When checking references, please keep in mind that the person giving the reference is not allowed to give a bad reference for the candidate. They should not give derogatory statements about the candidate that could prevent them from securing future employment. At the very least, they have to verify whether or not the person worked there and their dates of employment.


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