The Importance of Employee Reviews

Having employees assumes the daunting task of employee reviews. Some employers dread giving their employees reviews. But employee reviews are not entirely a bad thing. It’s a time to assess performance goals, address problems, and set your employees up for success in the future. Giving employees quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews can benefit not only … Continue reading The Importance of Employee Reviews


How to Handle Difficult Clients

Every attorney knows that with good clients, comes the bad ones. Difficult clients should be expected with any business. Obtaining and maintaining clients is an essential part of having a successful firm. The clients are what drive the firm to become more successful. Clients seek out the assistance of attorneys because they themselves do not … Continue reading How to Handle Difficult Clients

Can Telecommuting Benefit Your Business?

Telecommuting or working from home can be an added benefit to your business. This will allow your employees to work from home 1 or more days a week. Offering telecommuting as an option for your employees can allow your employees to be more productive on an overall basis. Studies have shown that telecommuters are more … Continue reading Can Telecommuting Benefit Your Business?