Can Telecommuting Benefit Your Business?

Telecommuting or working from home can be an added benefit to your business. This will allow your employees to work from home 1 or more days a week. Offering telecommuting as an option for your employees can allow your employees to be more productive on an overall basis. Studies have shown that telecommuters are more productive than their office-bound colleagues. Demanding and overwhelming jobs can add undo stress onto anyone.  Employees who telecommute, essentially use less sick time, there’s less tardiness, and they have improved morale. Work life balance is something that is very important to today’s working class. Having that balance can make a difference in the overall performance of an employee. Happy employees are productive employees. This option can also allow you to choose from a wider pool of candidates to become a part of your team because they are not geographically limited.

There are many added benefits to offering telecommuting as an option. An overall increase in productivity has been a result of employees being able to work from home. People who work in high stress environments for 8 hours or more a day deem to eventually become burned out unproductive. Some people even take their work home after they have finished their shift. This can interfere with their demands at home and force them even further into stress.  Having the flexibility to work from home can alleviate pressure and stress from working in the office. Many telecommuters get their work done in less time which is good for them as well as the company.

The other benefit to telecommuting is saving your business money. The main savings are in the reduced cost of office overhead including the costs of parking, gas and electric, office supplies as well as office space. Companies adopting telecommute as an option achieve significant reductions in total office occupancy. Today’s technology makes it easier for work to get accomplished even when no one is physically in the office.

Working remotely can be accomplished by having your company’s computer infrastructure set up in such a way that it will allow the telecommute employees access to documents and systems that they would normally have access to in the office, from home on their computer or laptop. Your telecommuters need access to internal documents as well as their company e-mail to do their job effectively. Also, if the telecommuter is involved in a team project, make sure there are project checklists and other resources available to ensure that they are still able to contribute and stay connected to other team members.


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