How to Get Your Employees to Peak Performance

Having employees who not only work diligently but effectively is always good for business. At times, employees may not have the encouragement or support that is needed to make them feel as though they are useful or a part of a team. This can ultimately affect their performance. Poor work performance can have a detrimental effect on your business. Getting your employees to their peak performance can boost their work habits and your business.

Although generous salaries are always a great perk, salaries are not the only benefit that keeps employees motivated. Intangible benefits such as a great working atmosphere, a flexible schedule, and work life balance are just a few suggestions that can also affect your employees’ performance as well as help keep them motivated to put forth additional effort.

Below are a few suggestions to get your employees to their peak performance.

1. The employee first and foremost must believe in and practice the values, vision, mission, and goals of the company.
2. Provide updated training and education to your employees to ensure that they stay on the top of their game and that they are in the loop with the ever changing software, laws, regulations, and even technology.

Express Gratitude
By taking notice of the employee’s efforts and letting them know when they are doing a good job, will reinforce their positive behavior and work habits. The employee will repeat and build on the characteristics that you praise them on. This can be done at no extra cost to the company and will reap great performance. Other ways of expressing your gratitude is providing lunch for the office, giving gift certificates or letting the employees go home early on a nice day or other holiday that is not a major holiday.

Help Them Grow Professionally
Many employees value the opportunity to expand their skills and take on more responsibility. You may opt to take the time to teach them yourself, or send them to a workshop or seminar to better enhance their skills. Some of these skills can be completed at your local small business development center, often times with no charge. When employees feel as though their employer trusts them with various tasks and responsibilities, they feel more in control and want to perform at their peak. Being entrusted with various tasks that they can carry out on their own without close supervision will add to their peak performance as well. Your employees are sure to be motivated and strive to prove their worth if you delegate certain responsibilities to them.

Communicate Effectively
Be open and honest with your employees about what you expect from them. Dedicate and set aside time to show them exactly how you want things done. After you have mastered this with your first couple of employees, feel free to have the veterans teach newcomers how the office operates. Otherwise, an employee may not perceive how you want the job done. Good communication works both ways. Ask for feedback from your employees, listen and internalize what they are saying. They may have suggestions that could ultimately make your office run smoother and become more productive and efficient. Production and efficiency leads to better business and more business.

Listening by itself demonstrates recognition and respect for that employee. When an employee is not performing at their peak, it is crucial to let them know that they are performing below standards. They may not even know that there is a problem with their performance until it is brought to their attention. When an employee isn’t meeting expectations, communicate clearly how their performance is below standards, and help the employee to achieve performance that meets your standards. Chances are, the employee wants to succeed and will work diligently to avoid being labeled as an unproductive worker.

Even for small offices, employers may not be able to offer some perks that mid-sized and large company’s offer. Some employees still prefer a small family like environment at work instead of a mill housing tons of employees, such as a large corporate environment. In a small office, the employee will feel as though they are able to shine and show off their skills and knowledge to their employer. The ideal techniques mentioned in this article can help motivate your employees to work hard and prosper, and most of all remain loyal for years to come.


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