Endless Impacts of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Running a business is an exciting and possibly overwhelming task. Although a new business owner may try, they cannot handle every detail and aspect of running their business without some assistance. Every small business is focused on growing their business while finding efficient ways to help them along the way. Hiring a virtual assistant can have great impacts on a small or medium sized business. Virtual assistants consist of office administration professionals offering remote administrative support to small and medium sized businesses.  These assistants have a wide range of knowledge to assist you with running your business according to your business needs. The good thing is, they are not your employee. You can hire virtual assistants only when you need them. This as need basis gives small businesses the option to have administrative support without any long term contracts.

Outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant gives small businesses the option to delegate assignments that will save them time and money. Adding extra staff to your new office may not be an option for you at this time. Even though you may not be ready to hire an employee, there are still ways to get the work done while you concentrate on growing your business. A impact to having a virtual assistant is that fact that they are independent contractors rather than employees. Businesses owners are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits that is included with having a full time employee on your staff. Small businesses also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. You can hire virtual assistants on hourly or project based compensation plan. Another impact that hiring a virtual assistant can add to a small business is saving you time and money from having to train the individual to do the work that is needed. Virtual assistants are already trained in their craft and can offer their expertise to any business.

There are different types of virtual assistants that you can hire depending on your business industry. There are virtual assistants that can perform routine administrative functions and there are paralegal assistants that can provide more specialized assistance.

Virtual Administrative Assistants:

  • Calendaring
  • Document preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Data entry
  • Social media
  • Research
  • Email management, etc.

Virtual paralegal assistants have the knowledge and skill set to provide legal document preparation services to law firms. They can provide:

  • Legal research
  • Prepare correspondence
  • Dictation and transcription
  • Trial preparation and trial notebooks
  • Draft memos and various other legal tasks
  • Client billing

Virtual assistants can impact any business that has a need for an administrative personnel without having to hire an employee to assist them with the various tasks of running and growing their business.


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