Your Employees Are Your Biggest Asset….Yeah Right!!!

Having a successful business often times depends on having the right individuals in place to help a business grow. Employees are often thought of as being the backbone or foundation of a business. Employees are the biggest asset that an employer can have…..Yeah Right!

Having the RIGHT employees in place is a company’s biggest asset. Just the mere fact of having employees does not make them an asset. There are good employees, bad employees, and the employees that are there just to collect a paycheck. If an employee is not vested and believe in the overall culture and vision of the company, are they really being an asset? An asset is defined as a useful or valuable thing, person or quality. The right employee that is an asset will bring added value to your organization. Their contributions will ensure the success and grow of the company.

Calculating the value of our employees is difficult because they are not like any other asset; they are simultaneously the greatest potential asset and the greatest potential liability that an organization has at any given time. The type of employee that you have in place can literally make or break your company. Having the wrong employee can potentially cost a company thousands of dollars in potential lawsuits, loss of business, lack of production and the cost associated with terminating and replacing that employee.

The right employees choose to join your company, stay with your company, grow with your company, and the most important factor of all is, contributing to the success and overall growth of your company. Company leaders should make the company brand personal to employees, engage and motivate them to cultivate it each day, then your company will be able to bring to life the achievable goal of making the right employees their greatest asset. The right employees not only have to have the necessary skills and qualifications that is required to do the job, they must also whole heartedly believe in the goals and visions of the company. They have to be willing to live by and uphold the visions of the company.

Great employees are rarely satisfied with the way that things are and is constantly looking for ways to make improvements. They may rework a timeline, adjust a process, tweak a workflow or make process improvements. Great employees follow processes. Remarkable employees find ways to make those processes even better, not only because they are expected to, but because they want to be a part of the overall success and growth of the company. Being able major player in the success of a company not only puts an employee in a great position for growth or promotions within that company, they can also add it as an accomplishment on their resume.

Rewarding and recognizing exemplary employees who are assets to a company shows that the company acknowledges and is appreciative of all of the hard work and effort that they have put into the company. This can be rewarded with bonuses, trips, awards or company wide acknowledgement of a job well done.


One thought on “Your Employees Are Your Biggest Asset….Yeah Right!!!

  1. Fantastic post! Great ideas shared here. I enjoyed reading the details. There are several ways to cut costs in our businesses, these points are the best points to consider.

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