The Importance of Employee Reviews

Having employees assumes the daunting task of employee reviews. Some employers dread giving their employees reviews. But employee reviews are not entirely a bad thing. It’s a time to assess performance goals, address problems, and set your employees up for success in the future.

Giving employees quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reviews can benefit not only the employee, but your company as a whole. “Employee reviews are a process that should happen all year long,” says Paul Falcone, author of 2600 Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews. “How much do you value me as an employee if out of the 2,080 hours I work, and—Lord knows it’s more than that—you only give me one review? It’s just not enough.”

This performance review should be a mutual sharing of perceptions regarding the employee’s accomplishments as well as areas that can be improved upon. The employer should provide the employee with a copy of the review form ahead of time to enable them to read it and reflect on it. Have the employee complete the form prior to the review to determine where the employee sees their productivity and success in the company. Encourage them to emphasize areas both in which they did well and areas in which they need further growth and development.

Some may view reviews as a time when the employer informs the employee of everything that they are doing wrong. Quite the contrary. This can be a time where the employer informs the employee of everything that they are doing right. It can be a time of praise for all of the hard work and effort that the employee has put forth in the company. It can also be a time to let the employee know where they need room for improvement. Constructive criticism, if done correctly can be a positive influence on anyone. This can be a time to make the employee aware of the things that they may have not known that they needed improvement on. Having this conversation and the positive feedback will better the overall productivity of the employee, and thus have a greater effect on the company. Both the employer and employee must agree on future goals that will lead to their success, along with setting milestones during the coming year to measure accomplishments.

Having documented employee reviews can also be a benefit to the company in the instance where they need to terminate the employee. Having documented proof that the employer discussed where the employee was lacking in performance and needed to make improvements will be essential if the employee decides to challenge the termination. The employer can refer back to these documents as justification for the termination of the employee.



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