Are You a Good Leader?

Everyone is not born a leader. To some it comes naturally, some may take leadership courses, and some just fail. Being a leader is not just a title of implied power, it requires that the person be an effective leader that people look up to and want to follow. A leadership style is a person’s style of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Without that, being titled as a leader is pointless. If your followers do not respect your opinion, follow in your footsteps or trust the advice or guidance that you are giving them, your project, goal or purchase will not come to fruition. A key indicator if you are a good leader is if your team come to you for direction. If you notice your team going to others for direction or reluctant to come to you, that is a huge red flag. You should re-evaluate yourself as a leader. A good leader is not without trust (backstabber) or one that hold others down or withholds information in fear that someone will become as knowledgeable as they presume to be.

There are many ways in which someone can become a leader. It can be by force, such as someone stepping down or being demoted from a position and prompting the next in line to take charge. It can be by choice, a person who chooses to start a business, association or group, or it can be delegated by an employer, association or group. Regardless of how one came into the position of being a leader, there are several traits that the leader should have in order to succeed.

  • Confidence
  • Trust Worthy
  • Knowledgeable
  • Personable
  • Passion
  • Positive Attitude
  • Inspire
  • Approachable

Managing and Leading are two completely different roles, although the terms are used interchangeably. A manager may have the power to hire or fire employees or to promote them. In larger companies, a manager may only recommend such action to the next level of management. The manager has the authority to change the work assignments of team members. A Manager manages their team and a Leader inspires their team and moves a project or goal forward. A team will look up to a leader for direction and guidance. A Leader will have a strong influence over their team and a good Leader will always project a positive outcome through the performance of their team. They do not have to boast about their work because their work speaks for itself. A Leader is someone who provides direction, instructions and guidance to a group of individuals, , for the purpose of achieving a certain goal. An effective leader will know their team members strengths, weaknesses and motivations. A Leader will develop the qualities of their team members in order for them to follow in a path for success.

What type of Leader are you?


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