About US


LEWIS AND ASSOCIATES  is committed to excellence. We are a sole source staffing provider. Our office provides a wide range of employees. Direct hire, contractors, or temporary employees. If we do not have what you are searching for, let us know and we will make every strategic effort to accommodate your specific hiring needs. Under this blended workforce approach, you will not need to seek out other vendors for your different company hiring needs. We are not just focused on placing candidates, we are dedicated to building long lasting business relationships.

For our clients, we make every effort to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and integrity in the staffing process. Helping law firms and corporate legal departments, small businesses, and any other type of company that has administrative needs, overcome their staffing challenges in a cost effective and seamless manner remains our ultimate goal. We understand the demanding role of recruiting to source the highest level of legal professionals while incorporating proven, innovative, and successful recruiting techniques of the past, present, and future.

We listen to the needs of our clients  and candidates and work with you to find you that perfect match. We take all of the guess work out of searching for the perfect candidate. Our team of recruiting experts has the knowledge to find you the perfect candidate catered to the specific needs of your company. We only send you highly qualified and skilled candidates to meet your needs. Since your needs are constantly changing, we want to make getting the help you need as easy as possible. That is why we give you convenient ways to work with us.


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