Are You a Good Leader?

Everyone is not born a leader. To some it comes naturally, some may take leadership courses, and some just fail. Being a leader is not just a title of implied power, it requires that the person be an effective leader that people look up to and want to follow. A leadership style is a person’s style of … Continue reading Are You a Good Leader?


Do Deceptive Business Ethics Pay Off?

Ethics and moral responsibilities have been an issue for centuries. People as well as businesses sometimes have a hard time distinguishing what should be done vs. what ought to be done. From a business aspect, managers have a higher degree of responsibility to uphold ethics and morals when handling company business and dealings with employees, … Continue reading Do Deceptive Business Ethics Pay Off?

How to Handle Difficult Clients

Every attorney knows that with good clients, comes the bad ones. Difficult clients should be expected with any business. Obtaining and maintaining clients is an essential part of having a successful firm. The clients are what drive the firm to become more successful. Clients seek out the assistance of attorneys because they themselves do not … Continue reading How to Handle Difficult Clients

How to Reduce the Risk of a Bad Hire

Finding the perfect candidate with the skills you require can be an exhausting task. Even after countless hours of interviewing, you hire someone that ends up being a bad hire. Bad hires do not just create a disruption in productivity, a Bad Hire can cost your firm money. A new research study from CareerBuilder reveals … Continue reading How to Reduce the Risk of a Bad Hire

How Contract Employees Can Benefit You

How Contract Employees Can Benefit You Hiring a contract employee can benefit you in many ways. Your company may not be ready to hire someone on full time, or you may just need a person for a short amount of time to assist with a temporary project. Hiring employees in the traditional sense can be … Continue reading How Contract Employees Can Benefit You

May 7th Is A Few Days Away, Have You Begun Using the Revised I-9 Form?

The revised I-9 form is mandatory for employers to start using beginning May 7, 2013. The I-9 form is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of I-9 form for each individual they hire for employment in the … Continue reading May 7th Is A Few Days Away, Have You Begun Using the Revised I-9 Form?